How Do You Eliminate An Orange Mushroom Naturally?

Orange mushrooms have been sprouting and continually growing around during rainy days. Any mushroom loves moist and humid areas, encouraging their growth. However, many homeowners want them to disappear, especially if they want lawn maintenance. An orange mushroom may look nice to see because of its orange color, but it can destroy the overall look of the landscaping.

Understanding where an orange mushroom came from and why it grows can help you prevent its continuous growth as well.

What is an orange mushroom?

An orange mushroom has the specific name Omphalotus Illudens or known as eastern jack-o lantern mushroom. It is a large orange mushroom found in:

  • clumps on decaying stumps
  • buried roots
  • base of hardwood trees

The gills often show weak green bioluminescence when fresh. Although it has a bright color, it can ruin the landscaping as it can change the design of the built landscape.

The common jack-o lantern grows in Europe and some parts of South Africa. Both will resemble chanterelles in the fiery orange color that glows in the dark. It can also contain, including S toxin that makes it poisonous. They may look nice in the eyes, but it must be eliminated.


Is the orange mushroom edible?

Contrary to what fungi may state, an orange mushroom is not poisonous, but edible. It has no taste and it doesn’t secrete toxins. However, it shares a closer resemblance to species of Otidea fungi that produce harmful toxins.

Eliminate an orange mushroom naturally

Preventive measures

A dish soap helps eliminate the existing orange mushrooms, it is essential to address underlying factors, promoting their development. To prevent future infestations of a mushroom, you need to do these:

  • Improve soil drainage
  • Reduce excess moisture
  • Execute proper lawn care techniques

Fungicide treatment

Many would disagree with this because according to them, it is harmful to humans, pets, and even the environment. But, did you know that you can make a DIY fungicide using vinegar mixed with water? Yes, this is a natural fungicide or home remedy to prevent the infestations of any orange mushroom.

Fungicide doesn’t always be chemically formulated, since there are available natural and homemade fungicide treatments used by many homeowners, especially if they are in remote areas. So, it is difficult for them to access these fungicides. There is always an effective remedy to prevent its infestations.

Eliminate an orange mushroom naturally

Preventive measures

Aside from these, there are preventive measures that can help you keep them from continuous growth.

  • Soil conditions and drainage. You should ensure proper soil drainage to keep excessive moisture to promote mushroom growth. You can amend the soil if needed and enhance the overall drainage.
  • Lawn care practices. You should maintain healthy lawn conditions through the following:
    • mow regularly in proper height
    • aerating the soil
    • following a proper fertilization schedule

A healthy lawn can manage and prevent mushroom growth.

  • Organic mulchin Choose low-nitrogen or non-nutritious mulch to discourage mushroom growth. You can avoid using high-nitrogen mulches, such as:
    • wood chips
    • manure-based compost

These can provide advantageous conditions for mushroom growth. Instead, you can opt for organic mulches, such as:

  • straw
  • shredded leaves
  • bark

By following all these, you can keep mushroom growth naturally.